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Beekeeping Premium Tool Kit

Beekeeping Premium Tool Kit

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The Beekeeping Premium Tool Kit will ensure your hive is running productively and your bees are happy.
The kit includes:
    - 1 Uncapping Fork/Comb Scratcher. This scratcher is 16.5cm in length with stainless steel needles measuring 4cm.
  • - 1 Frame Grip. The frame grip is the easiest way to get your frames out of the hive. Made from strong stainless steel.
  • - 1 Bee Brush. The brush is made from horse tail fibres. It has a painted wooded handle and measures 41cm in length.
  • - 1 J Hook Hive Tool. The J Hook is used to assist in opening beehives, prying frames apart & scrapping frames. It measures 29cm and is made from quality stainless steel.
  • - 1 Uncapping Knife/Honey Scraper. Measuring 28cm in length with a flat stainless steel blade and a secure wooden handle. The uncapping knife is used to remove the wax cappings from your frames.