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New Frame Kit - 10 Full Depth Beehive

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The New Frame Kit has all the equipment you will need to build 10 new frames.

Kit includes;

- 10 x Unassembled full-depth frames made from New Zealand pine. The four pieces are very easy to assemble.
- 10 x Wax Foundation sheets. These sheets are full depth, heavy beeswax foundation and are great quality, made from pure beeswax in Australia.
- 1 Beekeeping Wire Tensioner - Crimper.  Used for tightening your frame wire, these wire tensioners have metal wheels and a plastic body.
- 1 Bag of eyelets (approx 200).  These quality eyelets are ideal for installing into the sides of your frames before wiring.  They prevent the wires from digging into the timber and allow you to tighten the wire to the right tension.
- 1 Roll of 202 Wire.  This 500g roll of 202 stainless steel frame wire is perfect for wiring up your frames.

*Please note: due to state regulations, we cannot ship foundation into WA.