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The Ultimate Beekeeping Starter Kit

The Ultimate Beekeeping Starter Kit

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The Ultimate Beekeeping Starter Kit contains everything you will need for your new hobby. Save more than $40 by buying in one lot.
The kit contains:

    1 x Double Hive Assembled which includes 20 pre-wired frames
    1 x Pair Ventilated Leather Beekeeping Gloves
    1 x Frame Grip
    1 x J Hook
    1 x Serated Uncapping knife
    20 x Sheets of Wax Foundation
    1 x Metal Queen Excluder
    1 x Large Smoker
    1 x Ventilated Beekeeping Suit with wide brimmed hat. (please specify your size when ordering)
        1 x Nylon Honey Strainer 36cm in diameter
      10 x 1 litre Honey Pails

Choose your suit size above and let us know in the Delivery Notes when you check out what size glove you would like. Otherwise we will match your glove size to your suit size.

*Note that due to state quarantine regulations foundation cannot be posted to WA.

**Bees are not included in this kit.